Greenmount House

Covid 19 Policy


Greenmount House opened for guests in 1977, and as a family run operation the health and wellbeing of our guests is paramount. The quality of our Housekeeping, Hygiene, cleanliness and upkeep of our property has always been recognised as first class, so we have the upmost confidence in the job we do. Mary is a trained nurse and worked as a theatre nurse and these stringent practices, from theatre hygiene have always been brought to develop our standards. These are different times and whilst we are confident of the job we do we do, we need to implement new practices to give both our guests and our staff the confidence we are doing the best to prevent everyone from the dangers of Covid 19.
What we are doing for our staff and guests
Looking at every aspect of our guest experience from arrival to departure.

Sufficient supply of hand sanitisers, wipes, paper towels and disinfectant materials.

We won’t shake your hand or hug you, but we will as always receive a warm Greenmount welcome.

For those guests and staff that prefer the additional protection of face masks, we have them available at all times.

Expect to see our team with Gloves and Face masks on whilst cleaning your room.

Extra supply of pedal bins around public areas.

Additional cleaning of public area space, especially of common touch points, and eliminated as many touch points where practical.

The team, retrained on new work & cleaning practices.

All our team will regularly wash hands and have hand sanitiser at their work station at all times.

Reception and arrival any guest waiting are asked to wait in sitting area so that guests checking in have adequate space.

We have introduced sanitiser at all entrances and exits so that our porter can sanitise his/her hands before lifting your bags to your room.

All bedroom keys are sanitised on departure.

The reception desk is wiped down after each arrival/departure.

We have eliminated tables from our dining room, so that we have adequate space created for safe dining, we have had to reduce the breakfast buffet, so we have now extra staff to cater for all items that need to be bought to your table. These staff will sit you at an assigned table and then introduce you to what’s available and look after every aspect of service.

Your menus will be brought to the kitchen and sanitised after use, before given to another customer.

We have introduced 45 minutes onto our breakfast service and introduced a booking time for each room so that our guests are never in a very busy breakfast environment and our staff can serve you efficiently and in a timely manner so you still all enjoy a relaxed breakfast.

We are giving the guest the option of having there room cleaned or not, where we can provide a service of just fresh towels, and clean bins, and fresh water, toiletries etc. that are just left at your door. A sanitised plastic linen basket will be left at your door for this option each morning.

Evening Turn down service is also optional, and we will check with your requirements each evening.

All the team have been trained to spend extra time on cleaning the common touch areas, light switches, door handles, TV remote controls, taps, flush handles shower doors, and our team have been allocated extra time to thoroughly disinfect all rooms on departure.

We always open windows from departure to arrival and expect our guests to help this process so when the Irish weather allows, open windows and ventilate the room regularly where possible, this will be the same in all our public areas.

We are in constant contact with the Irish Hotel Federation and the Irish Tourism Board, Failte Ireland on how to constantly meet the evolving standards required to prevent the escalation of Covid 19
What we ask of our guests

Please be patient with all our team these protocols are new to all of us and we are working in a new environment also where most of our work practices have changed, we want to to make sure all our guests have a safe as holiday as possible on the Dingle Peninsula.

Please wash hands regularly especially before and after eating.

After going to the toilet, nose blowing, sneezing or coughing.

If leaving towels or waste baskets outside your room door for collection.

If in contact with a sick person, or when hands become visible dirty.
Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing, even better with a tissue, if not sneeze or cough into arm or sleeve, and properly dispose of tissues forth with into a sealed bin, we will have extra supplies of tissues in bed rooms, and paper towels in public bathrooms.

If your hands are not clean please try and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.

Review travel guidance from your host country’s department of foreign affairs and the Irish department of Foreign affairs.

Before travel especially those higher risk groups and those with any underlining conditions try and make every effort to make sure your GP has given you the all clear to travel.

Symptoms to look out for, a cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, fever.